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Mr. Melick is currently working on his memoir. Look for Famous in Certain Circles: 65 Years of Big Band Memories (and the Beat Still Goes On) in the Fall of 2013. Be sure to come back for updates.


New Cruise:
Jack Melick and his musicians will be hosting an eleven day cruise to the Panama Canal next February, 2015.  We leave from Dallas on February 4th, stay overnight in Fort Lauderdale, and  are taken to the ship on the morning of the 5th.  The ship, Coral Princess (Princess Lines) will then take us to visit Aruba, Cartagena (Columbia),  Panama Canal (to Lake Gatun),  where we turn around and head back to Colon, the Panamanian city on the Atlantic side.  We will have gone through two sets of locks before turning around. Then, on the way back to Florida, we visit Limon (Costa Rica) and Grand Cayman. All travel expenses and transfers are included in the total price. We will stay in a fine hotel in Fort Lauderdale.
We fly round trip on Southwest Airlines from Love Field to Florida. We will arrive home in Dallas on February 16th.

Jack Melick and his musicians will play for four private parties during the cruise.  These parties will be open only to the passengers traveling in our group.

Please call travel agents Terry, or Jack, at AAA Garland: 972-926-1535. They can talk prices to you, send you a brochure and answer any questions you may have.

Chaparral Records announces the release of a brand new CD by Jack Melick and his Big Band. It's called "JACK...Volume II...Playing Pretty for the People". Such great old tunes as "Sweet and Lovely", "About a Quarter to Nine" and "Lisbon Antigua". Also a couple of fine cha-cha-chas: "Las Clases del Cha-Cha-Cha" and "Guantanamera". Jack also has included a couple of numbers that you have never heard him play, master tapes he found in his musical archives.

For your copy, send $15.00 to:
Chaparral Records
8030 Frankford Road, #415
Dallas, Texas 75252

Also email musicbymelick@hotmail.com or call 469-330-7963 for further information.

Though Jack Melick is "semi-retired", he and his musicians still play engagements from time to time. Anytime you need information on where and when they may be performing, please e-mail: musicbymelick@hotmail.com. The object of his musical life is still the same: Keeping the Big Band Sound alive!



Information about Jack Melick's tapes and CDs can be obtained by writing to the mailing or e-mail address above.

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